Does your child go to bed late? And all attempts to put him to bed earlier only increase the time of putting him to bed? It also happens that the child went to bed at 11 p.m., falling asleep on the floor with toys? And it happens that the baby only wakes up at 19 hours after an afternoon nap, and even after 2-3 hours no one can put him to bed by any means? In this situation, our article will help to understand.

Why does my baby fall asleep too late at night or in the middle of the night?

There can be several reasons for falling asleep too late:

A very long daytime nap.
Count how much in total daytime sleep your baby gets, try to compare it to the sleep norms. Analyze whether your baby gets too much daytime sleep? Because the distribution of sleep during the day is very important for a quality night’s sleep. The baby may sleep through the day, accordingly, in the evening is not ready to go to sleep so early. So what to do? You may be advised to wake the little sleepyhead if the daytime nap is prolonged. Or to remove extra daytime sleep if it interferes with a night’s sleep.

The waking time before a nighttime nap is very long.
If too long awake, the baby is overworked, the body produces the “stress hormone” cortisol, which acts so invigoratingly on the baby that it can be compared to a cup of strong coffee. But under the influence of cortisol, the quality of sleep suffers, because it is very poorly eliminated from the body, and as a result, the mother observes frequent awakenings at night, early rise, and signs of lack of sleep. Our grandmothers used to call the action of the stress hormone the familiar word “overdozing. In this situation, it is important: to monitor the child’s waking hours, not to allow overtiredness, and at signs of fatigue to put the baby to bed.

Overexcitement before going to bed.
Exhilaration from bright events, guests, new toys, of course, take the child away from the relaxed state he needs before going to sleep. Try to eliminate such events before going to bed so that the baby gets a charge of positive emotions from a long-awaited toy in the morning. The child’s psyche is not yet so perfect, so adults help to calm it down: in the evening, through calm activities and games, gently transition to tucking in and going to sleep.

Lifestyle of parents.
Adults do not like the regime, often neglecting their sleep, and therefore go to bed late themselves and put their baby to bed late in the evening or deep at night. If you are faced with the fact that your baby is sleeping very badly, then it is time to make sleep a priority for the whole family. A routine is familiar, predictable, and therefore associated with safety for your child. Help your child get used to the routine. Remember that first of all, we teach the child through our example – take care of your sleep, go to bed early too!

The baby is waiting for mom or dad to come home from work.
This also happens. Of course, communication with loved ones – an important factor in the harmonious development and formation of healthy attachment between parent and child. So here we need to be flexible and consider the options: offer the child to meet Daddy only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, say good night to Daddy via video Skype, or get up early in the morning to “chat” with loved ones!

If my child falls asleep too late at night?

To solve the problem of too late a bedtime, it is important to figure out how suitable this routine is for your child?

If you are happy with how your baby sleeps at night and during the day. If the baby even with the late mode gets its norm of sleep, feels great and is active enough for his age, falls asleep and wakes up in a good mood, shows no signs of lack of sleep, and the late mode fits into your family concept – congratulations, you’re doing well! No need to look for a problem where there is no problem!

But if you have to put a lot of effort and time for a nap, sometimes even up to 2 hours … If you need to talk baby, rocking, read by 10 fairy tales, to connect all the relatives … If you are tired and exhausted, go to sleep yourself, and the baby is still playing with toys or jumping around the apartment. If, after two hours of putting him to sleep, he still fell asleep, but several times in the night he wakes up screaming… If in the morning, no matter what, he wakes up too early or for dinner, throwing tantrums all day long, protesting against afternoon nap, with physical activity decreased, his appetite worsened… The evening comes and he went to bed again by midnight. If you recognize your own situation in this description, you know you are not alone. And think about it, maybe it’s time to try switching to an early mode.

What is “early mode”?

It’s no secret that Project Sleepytime Baby consultants are committed to the concept of “early routines” for children. Early regimen is not only early wake-up, but also early bedtime:

rising in the morning between 6:00 and 7:30
and a bedtime between 7:00 and 8:30 p.m., the “sleep window.
Why do we recommend these times and how suitable are they for all children? Numerous studies of sleep have proven that these are the most favorable periods to build a comfortable regime in accordance with the biorhythms of the child’s body and the work of the hormonal system, in particular the production of the “sleep hormone” melatonin.

When exactly should your baby sleep at 19:35 or 20:15? In fact, the intervals for tucking in are quite wide, in 1.5 hour increments, because our recommendations take into account age and individual differences. All children are different and each child is special, with its own rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. To build this rhythm comfortably for the baby, parents need to be attentive and patient, observe the signs of readiness for sleep, find the golden “sleep window” and gradually switch to a new regime.

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